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Have lunch with a stranger.  

record it. 

Inspire others to do the same. 


Everybody Eats Lunch is a community project that pairs strangers together for a one-on-one meal and conversation. Why lunch?  Why now?   As we live in an age of social media, some critics suggest we're now all living in our own echo chambers, surrounded by people only like ourselves. In an ideal world, however, you would be able to meet and talk to anyone. Sometimes we just need the excuse.  Food and eating, moreover, is a ritual that binds us all.  

How do we pair people up?  It's safe to assume everybody is different than you. So prepare for your lunch companion to have a different background or lifestyle than you.  That said, the only thing we match you on is this:  Food. What's your favorite food?  Macoroni?  Great,  That means you'll get paired up with somebody who also said macoroni.  Or pizza.  Or doughnuts. We don't judge.  

Where does the food come from?  Local restaurants and community partners will be donating lunches for you to take away or eat there.  In some cases, a participant may want to cook lunch themselves.  (Besides eating together, cooking for someone is a beautifully intimate act as well, and you're welcome to go that route too)  

What will happen?  After we pair you up, you'll be given the contact information of your lunch companion. Together, you'll decide when you want to have lunch.  Meet your stranger and share eachother's stories. You'll record the conversation on your smart phone, or if you want a professional sounding interview, request our A/V volunteer to set you up.  After your lunch is over, we'll post a short excerpt of your conversation or have you answer some questions for the website about your experience.  You'll become part of a community of participants across the country.

Who's doing this project?  Everybody Eats Lunch is a volunteer run, non-profit project.  It was initially launched as an artist project at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

How do I sign up?  Click here.  Or follow us on Facebook if you'd like.

Is this happening in my city?  We are in Oakland and Omaha so far, and will be rolling out in other cities as the project grows.

Is this an experiment?  Yes.